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Der Eidgenoss - Die Geschichte der Schweizer Kavallerie

Max E. Ammann was responsible for the concept and the realisation of the book.

AuthorMax E. Ammann
Further authors8 short-essays by Gefreiter Simon Chappuis, Oberstleutnant Hektor Leuenberger, Oberst Josef Löhrer, Oberst Pierre Mange, Oberst Adolf Meier, Oberstdivisionär Pierre de Muralt, Dr.Hugo Schneider and Major Paul Weier  
PublisherReich Verlag, Lucerne (SUI)
PrefaceOberst Adolf Meier
ContentThe history of the Swiss Cavalry until 1972. Includes information on national and international succes of Swiss riders in the diciplines jumping, dressage, military and driving.
Number of pages160
Format25 x 23 cm
Photos34 color photos, 160 b/w-photos
PriceCHF 49.50 - DEM 45.00
Availablenot available
Lendableat the Swiss National Library and German National Library