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L'Année Hippique 1978 - The Equestrian Year - Das Pferdesport Jahr

Max E. Ammann was editor in chief and responsible for the concept and the realisation of the book.

AuthorMax E. Ammann
Further authorsAveril Douglas, Alban Poudret, Alan Smith, Dinny Lund, Erika Andersen, Fritz Knippenberg, Geneviève Murphy, Joep Bartels, Johanna Frick, Jacques van Leeuwen, Ken Hull, Luce Ghesquiere, Markus Gautschi, Mary Johnson, Mark M.Nanseck, Nicole Legrand, Robert Ridland, Ted Dwyer, Yves Hilaire, Zdenek Vilimovsky 
PublisherEditions Hippiques SA
PrefaceHRH Prince Philip
ContentYearly review on the equestrian events.
Number of pages200
Format33 x 24 cm
Photos300 b/w-photos
Availablenot available