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L'Année Hippique 1987/1988 - The Equestrian Year - Das Pferdesport Jahr

Max E. Ammann was chief editor and responsible for the concept and the realisation of the book.

AuthorMax E. Ammann
Further authorsAlban Poudret, Myriam Lambert, Wolfgang Niggli, Alan Smith, Robert Jolicoeur, Gabriela Grillo, Anthony Crossley, Jörg Savelsberg, Harry Buurman, Marek Zaleski, Gabrielle Mohrmann-Pochhammer, Mary Gordon-Watson, Wolfgang Feld, Ted Dwyer, William Steinkraus, George Morris, Philippe Silacci, Arno Gego, Path Smythe and others. 
PublisherBCM Holland in collaboration with Editions Hippiques SA
ContentYearly review on the equestrian events (1986/1987).
Number of pages532
Format33 x 24 cm
Photos66 color photos, 798 b/w-photos
Availablenot available