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L'Année Hippique 1997/1998 - The Equestrian Year - Das Pferdesport Jahr

Max E. Ammann was chief editor and responsible for the concept and the realisation of the book.

AuthorMax E. Ammann
Further authorsAlan Smith, Gabriele Mohrmann-Pochhammer, Cornelia Wumkes, Karin Tropper, Bernadette Faurie, Sabine Merz, Georges Zehnder, Peter Abishegabaden, Karl Iseli, Fritz Gerber, Rob van Overbeek, Chris van Dam, Dirk Zagers, George Morris, Jean Llewellyn, Ted Dwyer and others
PublisherBCM Holland in collaboration with Editions Hippiques SA
PrefaceHRH Princess Caroline of Monaco
ContentYearly review on the equestrian events (1996/1997).
Number of pages474
Format33 x 24 cm
Photos474 color photos, 237 b/w-photos
Availablenot available