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Singular Visions - The Essence of Outsider Art

Max E. Ammann is involved in the phase of the concept and realisation of the publication.

AuthorYutaka Miyawaki
Further authorsEssay by Gérard Sendrey
EditorGalerie Miyawaki, Kyoto (JPN)
ContentPhotos on the oeuvres of 13 Outsider artists such as Pearl Alcock, Carol Bailly, Charles Boussion, François Burland, Ignacio Carles-Tolrà, Edmond Engel, Claudine Goux, Kurt Haas, Danielle Jacqui, Gene Mann, Jean-Pierre Nadau, Ilmari Salminen and Gérard Sendrey; catalogue of the exhibition.
LanguagesEnglish/Japanese/partly French
Number of pages96
Format22.5 x 15.5 cm
Photos88 color photos
PriceEUR 30.00
AvailableGalerie Miyawaki, Kyoto (JPN)